Welcome back to the St Albans Art Studio!

Welcome back to the St Albans Art Studio!

In 2020, the St Albans Community Art Studio had a full refurbishment. Now that restrictions are easing and we are able to welcome people back we wanted to share with you how the new-look studio has made a difference in peoples lives.

The art studio is a vital part of our St Albans Community, but the size and layout were not fit for purpose. People who attended wanted to develop their skills and we wanted to help more people but sadly due to its space, this was not possible.

A place to grow

John has felt he has found a place where he can grow, learn and be with friends, ‘I’ve felt out of place because I’m different. In this sort of environment, I am happy. It’s fair to say I was searching for something like this. I love it.’

Maxine, Alex and Jake all attended the old Art Studio but wanted to explore more creative projects. However, due to a lack of space and equipment, these were on hold.

New opportunities

The refurbishment of the studio has provided double the floor space compared to the old studio and created a new multifunctional room downstairs for people to explore more techniques. The studio now also boasts a clay room, technology suite, and a new kitchen fully kitted out so attendees can take a break from their creative work and enjoy lunch and a cuppa.

Work has also been carried out to provide more natural light, which is essential when producing quality artwork, by installing new windows throughout including roof windows. Along with the new windows the ceiling has been raised which gives more of an open and spacious feel to the rooms.

When the studio refurbishment was completed a couple of people who attended wanted to help make a short film to give you a tour and thank you for your kind support.

The new space allows us to welcome more people to join, learn new skills, make friends and get creative. It also enables people like Maxine to push her creative skills to the next level without the restrictions of the old cramped space.

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