Learning Disability and Autism Partnerships Board Celebration Event

Learning Disability and Autism Partnerships Board Celebration Event

Celebration Event

Recently our ‘Insight Group’ – a group of self-advocates from Croft Community – were thrilled to join the North Yorkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board‘s celebration event in York.

The Insight Group were joined by other self-advocates from Botton Village, Inclusion North and Keyring North Yorkshire . The aim of the event was to strengthen the voice of people with lived experience of learning disabilities and autistic people living and working in North Yorkshire, sharing successes and thinking about what we want the Partnership Board to look like in the future.

How we can stay connected, human rights, sharing information and keeping safe were all discussed during a lively and informative day. The group were also able to learn about the amazing work of other self-advocates across North Yorkshire and shared their own stories and experience of the world of work. Thanks to a recent My Life survey, we know that many of our community members are interested in opportunities for paid work, supported employment and volunteering. Adam and Dan were keen to share the work done by Speak Up Whitby and Botton self-advocates too.

‘In our meetings we’ve been finding out about supported employment’ says Simon

‘Having a job can be a really positive thing and some of us would really like a paid job’ says Adam

‘We invited supported employment to see us so that those of us who really want a job can get support to find one’ says Jessica from Keyring advocates

Our amazing self-advocates are supported by our Co-production Team who support community members to make their own decisions about their lives and the services they want the Trust to provide – find out more about their work here:

Co-production Lead Colin Buck says:

Thanks to the work of our friends at Keyring, Inclusion North and the Learning Disability Partnership Board, we were able to learn about the amazing work of self-advocates across North Yorkshire and share our own stories. We made some new friends and enjoyed a day of positivity and inspiration.


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