Working with City of Wolverhampton Council to deliver Shared Lives contract

Working with City of Wolverhampton Council to deliver Shared Lives contract

Shared Lives

We have been appointed by City of Wolverhampton Council to deliver the Shared Lives contract throughout Wolverhampton from 2022-25.

As such Camphill Village Trust is inviting the people of Wolverhampton to find out more about becoming a Shared Lives Carer.

The Trust’s Head of Service Kate Morgan said: ‘We were thrilled to have been successful with our bid for the Wolverhampton contract and look forward to working in partnership with the council to raise the profile of Shared Lives over the coming years right across the city and surrounding areas.

To be working alongside the City of Wolverhampton Council and its creative thinking around Shared Lives is exciting, as the model is well known for supporting people to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives Carers provide support to adults with care and support needs in their own homes. The service operates in a way that is similar to a foster care placement but is specifically designed for adults.

Carers will provide support in their own home on a long term, short term, or day session basis, helping the person in their care to develop the social and practical skills needed be gain more independent and live successfully within their community.

Support offered by Shared Lives Carers can be long term support, which we call ‘live-in’ that provides a stepping-stone for people seeking greater independence, or carers may choose to opt for a short term or day session basis with ‘short-breaks’.

Short-breaks enable families to have respite breaks from their caring roles, giving their loved one a home away from home, to help provide additional support to the family.

Celebrating the new partnership are Sam Price, Acting Team Manager at Camphill Village Trust; Dean Barnshaw, Regional Manager at Camphill Village Trust; Councillor Linda Leach, Cabinet Member for Adult Services; Kate Morgan, Head of Service at Camphill Village Trust and Mark Williams, Commissioning Officer at the City of Wolverhampton Council.

People who become Shared Lives Carers can earn up to £501 per week or pro-rata and can claim tax relief as they have self-employed status.

Why Shared Lives?

Councillor Linda Leach, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Services, said: ‘Shared Lives is an innovative service that supports the person to develop the social and practical skills they need to be as independent as possible and live at the heart of their community.

‘Shared Lives has been running in Wolverhampton since 2014 and has had an incredible impact on the lives of some of our most vulnerable citizens, offering greater choice around the support received and providing a real alternative to more traditional forms of care such as residential and day care settings.

‘At the same time, people across Wolverhampton also have the chance to embark on a value-laden career as a new Shared Lives Carer, that is not only financially rewarding but one which can fit around existing commitments.’

We are delighted to be teaming up with Camphill Village Trust for the next stage of our Shared Lives journey, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in taking on this life-affirming role to find out more today.

If you are interested in becoming a Shared Lives Carer or wish to find out more please call: 01384 441505 or visit our Shared Lives page.

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