Bringing Warmth Back To The Community

Bringing Warmth Back To The Community

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It’s no secret we’re facing a difficult time with the ongoing cost of living, at Taurus Crafts, they have been trying out different ways to give back to the community whether it’s been free family activities or budget-friendly meals as a way of giving back to the community that has kindly supported them since they opened, and their new incentive is to offer a warm space where people can enjoy a free hearty soup and a hot drink. This initiative will start on Tuesday 6th December in Severnside Kitchen from 3pm to 5pm and will continue every Tuesday throughout December, where a self-service will be set up for people to help themselves.

“Taurus Crafts’ is a place for the whole community. I have been reminded of this by the generosity of the Taurus team. They have been so willing to give their time and skills – without expecting anything in return” Gideon Viljoen, Social enterprise manager.

There’s more to this community-minded project than just giving away a free meal; it’s also where you can warm up, socialise, or use free Wi-Fi to support those working remotely or developing their small businesses or connect with their families aboard.

As Taurus Crafts is part of Camphill Village Trust, the charity firmly believes that its people and resources should be used to benefit the community. As a result, we offer opportunities for friendship, connect people, and create a community where everyone feels valued rather than isolated. In such times, we need to connect people.

“Over the past couple of months, we have been looking at ways of tackling the challenges faced due this ongoing problem. So our cooks will be preparing additional portions so we are able to offer it to anyone during these times” Dawn Vaughan, Café Manager.

Taurus Crafts want to help as many people as possible, so please share this with anyone you know who might find it useful, or call Taurus Crafts on 01594 844841 if you have any questions.

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