Getting busy and making a difference in our local communities

Getting busy and making a difference in our local communities

Local Communities

Knowing that lockdown had been particularly hard for older people, Olivia and her fellow Kindness Crew members at our St Albans and Delrow Communities were keen to reach out. For the last two years the Kindness Crew have been serving refreshments and running quizzes and craft activities at their local branch of Age UK.

Sharing smiles at St Albans

The Kindness Crew have now started paying regular visits to Alban Manor Nursing Home, where one of our former community members now lives. It’s a chance to get to know new people over a friendly cuppa and share some of our favourite activities – whether that’s arts and crafts or getting up for a dance!

Olivia enjoys sharing her love of dancing: ‘We were really laughing at the dancing, it was very funny,’ she says. ‘I can’t wait to do it again.’

Doing our bit to ‘Keep Britain Tidy’

Caring for the environment is important for all of us across the Trust, and we know this starts in our own back yard. At Delrow Community the Kindness Crew noticed that fly-tipping was becoming a problem in the local area.

Eddie decided that enough was enough. He took responsibility for phoning the local council and reported the problem to a helpful council employee called Cameron, who arranged for the rubbish to be collected within a matter of hours!

Eddie, Daniel and Josh are making sure the problem stays under control by going out litter-picking on a weekly basis. And if they spot any more fly-tipping, they know they can report it to Cameron straight away!

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