Special event honouring adult social care workers at No 10

Special event honouring adult social care workers at No 10

Social Care Workers Event

In a show of appreciation, the Minister of State for Social Care, Helen Whately, hosted a reception at 10 Downing Street on August 17, 2023. This event was all about recognizing and praising adult social care workers from all over the country for their amazing contributions.

People from different areas of the adult social care sector, including supported living and Shared Lives programs, were invited to this important event. Camphill Village Trust, a well-known supported living and green care provider, was among the guests, and they were represented by Kate Morgan, who is the Head of Services for Shared Lives.

During the event, Minister Helen Whately and Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care, Deborah Sturdy, warmly greeted all the social care workers who attended. They gave short but meaningful speeches that showed how much they appreciate the efforts of these individuals in making the lives of the people they care for better.

Camphill Village Trust was deeply honoured to receive an invitation to this special event. Kate Morgan, who attended on behalf of the organisation, said, “It was an honour to be invited along with Shared Lives Plus to represent the Shared Lives sector at Downing Street. Listening to Helen Whately MP’s speech and hearing from other attendees on the day really reminded us why we do what we do.”

This event was a great opportunity for Kate and her colleagues to connect with other professionals from different Shared Lives schemes. They shared inspiring stories about how this model can make a big difference in the lives of people with additional and complex needs.

Kate added, “It was wonderful to meet colleagues from other Shared Lives schemes and share stories about how this model brings amazing results for people with additional and complex needs. We were happy to see that Helen Whately MP and the Department of Health and Social Care support this model, and we will continue to do our best to raise awareness about Shared Lives.”

The reception also gave Kate a chance to talk to Helen Whately MP, who organised the event, and Deborah Sturdy. Both of them took the time to express their heartfelt appreciation to all the attendees for their significant impact in the field of social care.

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