Creating a Culture of Co-Production

Creating a Culture of Co-Production

What’s missing?

At Camphill Village Trust, we believe co-production is more than a function or task to support inclusivity; it is a culture that, when done properly, runs through everything we do. When looking into what’s missing, we often find that co-production is seen as the responsibility of a few within organisations to encourage, grow, and motivate involvement. This approach can open opportunities for some but also create gaps where others remain passive recipients of care and support.

We are striving to create a culture of co-production, transforming it into a natural way of operating — moving towards a ‘that’s just how we do it’ mindset. This approach finds and fills gaps, creating opportunities for all without even trying. We believe in being authentic, and one way we achieve this is by ensuring people can share their stories and that we all take the time to listen and understand, especially in our 70th year.
The stories of the people associated with the Trust paint a vibrant and dynamic picture, setting us on a path for a fully co-produced next 100 years. To help set this course, people supported by the Trust co-created a series of ‘I’ statements. Statements like ‘I want you to look at me as a person and not a person to care for’ and ‘It’s all about the time you give to me’ come to life through ’embedding the culture of co-production’ workshops facilitated by individuals with diverse lived experiences.
Through our commitment to co-production, we are now asking not only what’s missing but, more importantly, what we have yet to discover together.
This ongoing journey is about creating a true culture of inclusivity and collaboration, where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.
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