Volunteers help out at the Creative Studio

Volunteers help out at the Creative Studio

Creative Studio Volunteers

Finding a home at Botton Village: two sisters volunteer to help out at the Creative Studio!

Jackie and Joan have been volunteering at the workshop since the beginning of the year on a Wednesday morning to help in the creation of bags, oven gloves, tea cosies and more.

The products are made utilising woven fabrics created by the people we support, and sewn into items for the village store and community members.

Jackie said ‘We have a way of doing things, I will often start things and get them so far and then Joan finishes it off.  She is a much neater finisher than me, her finishing is a much better standard than mine. We work really well together and play to each other’s strengths.’

The inspiration for volunteering at Botton Village was Jackie’s daughter Catherine who attends day opportunities at the village twice a week.

‘Catherine likes working up at the farm, she likes things like doing fences and moving the sheep to be marked. She is only little, so she doesn’t get involved in anything too rigorous, but she really enjoys it.’

‘Catherine can have some independence here, which she probably couldn’t get from a service in a town. She can go on walks and go to the shops on her own. She wouldn’t do things like that if she was somewhere else,’ continues Jackie.

After learning that her mum was enjoying volunteering at the Creative Studio, Catherine will soon be attending workshops at the Creative Studio on a Friday morning too.

Joan says: ‘Everyone who is interested in volunteering should come here. There are things for all sorts of people, gardening, working in the shop and weaving. It feels very nurturing, it’s a very nice place to be!’

Thank you so much Jackie and Joan for your support of Botton Village. If you or someone you know are interested in volunteering, follow the link to find out more here.

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