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At Camphill Village Trust we offer Day Opportunity placements for those living at one of our communities and those in the wider community who don’t live in one of our supported living arrangements to get involved in one of our workshops or activities, learn new skills, make friends, and be a part of our community. We offer both full day opportunity placements and half day placements. 

All Camphill Village Trust communities are different and operate different workshops and enterprises. All aim to offer an opportunity for people supported by Camphill Village Trust to develop in a way that suits them.

Farms, gardens, craft workshops, café, shops and food and other production enterprises are a key part of life within our communities. Their main purpose is to provide sustainability and an opportunity for all community members to contribute.

About our day opportunities

The range of activities and workshops we offer as day opportunities vary from woodwork, pottery, arts and crafts. Find out more about the different activities we offer as a Day Opportunity. Moreover, our different locations offer different day activities and workshops. Find the location nearest to you!

A key part of the Camphill philosophy is working together to achieve together (co-production). This provides the opportunity not only for people to contribute to their community but also the potential to develop skills, gain experiences, feel valued and maintain or improve their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing

As well as the training and personal development opportunities we offer a wide range of social, sporting and cultural activities. These opportunities are available to people whether they are community members or join us for one or more sessions.

We also play our part in the wider communities within which Camphill Village Trust communities are located. In this way, we can support people to progress and contribute. This may be supporting people in work experience, volunteering, attending a group activity or training provided by others.

Severnside Skills

We also offer courses as day services. Severnside Skills provides training and educational opportunities through Taurus Crafts visitor centre. We aim to pioneer the way in which trainees can progress along their own professional pathways by gaining practical work experience in a supported environment.

Our courses are aimed at Level One and Entry Level abilities and an initial assessment will ensure you are working towards a level that is appropriate for your progression. We offer a range of courses from retail training to catering to short courses.

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