Many of our Camphill Village Trust Communities offer workshops in Pottery.

About pottery workshops

Our pottery day activities and workshops provide opportunities for the people we support to be involved with the making of our pottery, or other parts of pottery processes.

Most of our pottery attendees have been involved in making and/or painting with glaze our ceramic flowers which is a new product for us this year.

The items we produce from our pottery workshops are mainly tableware, cups, mugs, bowls, plates, and they are all fired to stoneware making them very durable for everyday use.

We also make many bespoke pieces and are often influenced by the seasons in producing giftware, for example, Christmas decorations and spring flowers are very popular.

Pottery at the Grange, Camphill Village Trust, day opportunities

Shop the range

You can shop the pieces made by the people we support in our Grange community.

Workshop locations

We offer pottery workshops as day activities and opportunities in our St Albans, Grange Village, Delrow and Stourbridge locations.