Farming and Gardening

Camphill Village Trust is a charity with its roots in horticulture and agriculture. We support adults to work in our farms and gardens across many of our communities.

About social farming

We support people on our land-based enterprises through an initiative called Social Farming. Social Farming is recognised worldwide. The concept is very simple: to combine agricultural and horticultural production with health and social services provided to people with different types of disabilities.

All of the Camphill Village Trust farms and gardens are members of the national Social Farms & Gardens charity. We meet the Social Farms & Gardens code of practiceย  This means our service delivery is to the highest standard.ย  The Social Farming Code of practice is a set of minimum standards which all care farmers are encouraged to adopt.

In the UK, there has been increased recognition about the effectiveness of green therapies such as Social Farming for people with mental health problems and other long-term conditions.

Social farms essentially โ€˜provide health, social or educational care services for individuals from one or a range of vulnerable groupsโ€™ Care Farming UK, 2017

Social Farms represent an approach to social prescribing. They’re increasingly used to support a range of people in the community. Social Farms are typically commissioned to provide social farming services by referral agencies (such as social services, health care trusts, community mental health teams, education authorities and probation services).

All of our land is managed to organic standards, some of it also meeting Biodynamic standards.

Workshop locations

We offer Social Farming and Gardens workshops in our Grange Village, Larchfield, Botton Village, Stourbridge, and Delrow locations.

Farming and Gardening