Michaelmas across the Trust

Michaelmas across the Trust

Michaelmas Celebrations

Communities have recently celebrated the beginning of autumn with Michaelmas Celebrations happening across the Trust.

From Delrow Community to Botton Village communities have come together to feast, sing, craft, forage and join together in candle lit walks.

As part of the events, people we support also attended workshops where they learnt about nature photography, plants, cooking and creative writing.

Michaelmas is the feast of St Michael, celebrated on September 29th each year, where people join together to partake in a feast in celebration of the Archangel who threw Lucifer, the Devil out of heaven.

The day also signals the harvest’s end and autumn start, with people thanking the abundant harvest throughout the feast and praying for divine protection throughout the winter months.

As social farming has been a staple of our communities, it is easy to see why so many of the people we support want to celebrate Michaelmas and what it symbolises.

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