Day Opportunities in Catering

The idea came from the people we support who were keen to get more experience in the kitchen and café servery but perhaps weren’t quite ready to face the centres 147,000 annual customers and busy event days just yet.

The aim of our exciting new addition to the Taurus Crafts centre is to grasp new skills in the kitchen enabling an enriched home life and gaining enjoyment from cooking healthy meals within a budget as well as confidence in basic hospitality industry skills for supported work placements.

‘It’s not just about getting ready for the workplace it’s also about building confidence and getting familiar with the tools of the trade and trying our new skills. After first going through the basics of health and safety and hygiene we will be ready to get the pans out and start cooking’ – Hospitality School Co-ordinator

The courses that are available through the hospitality school are:

Basic Hospitality Skills
A tool for encouraging confidence and ability in basic hospitality skills for supported work placements and enhance the opportunity for learners to seek paid employment through inclusivity in the hospitality industry. This will be an 8 week course.

Basic Cooking Skills
Covering kitchen safety, health and hygiene, our learners will be encouraged to acquire basic cooking skills in order to live healthily within a budget, encouraging independence and confidence in basic cooking skills. This will be a continuous course.

The Enthusiastic Cook
For learners who are already competent in basic cooking skills with lots of new, healthy recipes, still concentrating on budgeting and kitchen health, safety and hygiene as they learn new techniques and cooking methods.

Cafe Opportunities
Taurus Crafts is a vibrant visitor centre and its onsite cafe offers the opportunity for people with learning disabilities to learn and gain new skills. The cafe offers the chance for people with learning disabilities take part in:

  • preparing hot and cold drinks
  • making toast, scones and home bakes
  • serving customers
  • using the dishwasher
  • clearing tables

Taurus Crafts - Day Opportunities

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To speak to a member of staff about this and other day opportunities available you can call us on 01594 844841 or click here for location information.

Day Opportunities in Catering