Day Opportunities in Retail

We run three shops here at Taurus Crafts which are: Paper & Planes our Stationary and Toys Shop, Fairtrade Home & Fashion and our Gift Shop.

These shops offer the opportunity for individuals to increase confidence, build essential transferable skill and most importantly give a taste of real working environments.

Working in our three shops offers the chance for people with learning disabilities take part in:

  • Serving customers
  • Handling payments
  • Displaying products
  • Stock Pricing and unpacking deliveries

Customer Service & Communication Skills
Undertaking an opportunity in one of our retail shops will help to develop communication and customer skills through regular interaction with customers and other employees who work on site. They will learn to work independently and as part of a team.

Numeracy is an important skill in retail, the learner will be able to develop these skills by helping to calculate stock prices, counting stock and more. A benefit of working in one of our shops is using the easy to use computerized till points where the learner will gain confidence as they progress in customer service.

Social Skills
Interaction is a key part of customer service. Through interacting with the public the learner will develop their communication skills and understanding how to effectively deal with the visitors and situations as they arise.

Taurus Crafts - Day Opportunities

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To speak to a member of staff about this and other day opportunities available you can call us on 01594 844841 or click here for location information.

Day Opportunities in Retail