Family Life Autumn 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has touched us all. Whether you’re a frontline worker who has put in long hours to keep others safe, or you’ve had to cope with the loneliness of furlough or shielding, or most especially if you are enduring the grief of losing a loved one before their time – we’ve all faced challenging times.

We may not know how you’ve personally been affected by coronavirus, but we’re sure it has taken its toll. At times like this, friends are more important than ever. And we are truly grateful for your support.

Your support has meant that you’ve been there when we’ve needed you most. You’ve lent a helping hand to our workshop coordinators, as they moved looms and craft supplies into our community houses so that we could continue to provide the activities people love. You’ve helped us respond quickly to changing times, and set up regular Zoom sessions so that friends can stay in touch. And you’ve been there for Lou, featured in our newsletter, as her support worker Raquel put together a detailed personalised plan to cope with her anxiety during lockdown.


Family Life. Autumn 2020





Family Life Autumn 2020