Local Volunteer – Afternoon Knit & Knatter Social Group

Location: Oaklands Park, Gloucestershire

Salary: Volunteer

Application Deadline: 31/01/2020

We are looking for someone who enjoys spending time with others and who would enjoy spending an afternoon each week with a small group of our older community members within one of our Gloucestershire Communities.

The session would be two or three hours on a Wednesday afternoon (between 2 – 5 pm) and provide an opportunity for people to bring along something they would like to do; knitting, tapestry, reading or a jigsaw puzzle whilst interacting with others in a relaxed and social environment.

There would also be time for a cup of tea whilst listening to the radio. The group would be very much led by what the people attending want to do, and also combine the skills of the local volunteer.

You will be fully inducted and trained prior to starting the role and any relevant information will be made available regarding the people you will be supporting, with additional input from our Care & Support Team. If you require more information please call Clare Bond (Day Opportunities Manager) 01594 516551 or email glosdayopps@cvt.org.uk

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Local Volunteer – Afternoon Knit & Knatter Social Group