Our bean frame is Wheelie unusual!

Bicycle wheels are a great way to get around - but the new wheels at Delrow Community won’t get you very far.

The latest addition to the social farm is a geodesic dome close to the polytunnels - and it’s constructed entirely from scrap bicycle wheels.

‘The bike wheels are a really good idea - I think it’s brilliant!’ says Daniel.

The dome may look amazing but it’s far more than just an eye-catching design. Peter, the volunteer who built the dome, explains that it has a practical use:

‘The idea is to use it as a frame for runner beans. The beans will grow down inside the dome and they will hang nice and straight, so it should make them easy to pick.'

Building connections with our local area

The wheels were all donated by Watford and Leavesden Cycling Hub. ‘These wheels were all destined for the dump so we’ve put them to good use,’ says Peter.

Peter is one of a growing group of local volunteers who are helping out in Delrow Community’s social farm. ‘We’re mostly all retired, and keen gardeners - and we welcome any extra help!’

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our communities visit our website www.camphillvillagetrust.org.uk/volunteer

Our bean frame is Wheelie unusual!