Bunting bonanza

Earlier this year, we asked some of our supporters to make bunting to give our communities a sense of celebration for our 65th anniversary.

We were amazed by the response! Bunting of every colour of the rainbow, striped, spotted and plain, inundated our Botton Village office over the summer months.

Karen who works at Botton Weavery supported a team of community members to sort the bunting, hang individual pennants together and share it out across all nine communities.

Bunting made by Stokesley Rotary

Stokesley Rotary Club got involved and made Botton Village some bunting of their own.

Bunting from around the globe!

She told us: ‘We’ve received everything from beautifully made machine-sewn bunting, to hand painted pennants, cut out by children with little shaky hands, with extra things sewn or glued on. There are lovely messages saying ‘Hello’ and wishing us well. There are some hand-stitched by a 91 year old lady, and others all the way from Zimbabwe!’

‘The effort so many people have put into doing this is overwhelming. I really hope all the people who sent bunting in know how much we appreciate it.’

Thank you to everyone who sent us bunting – your efforts will brighten our communities for many years to come!


Bunting bonanza