We’ve adopted Danby train station!

In fact, Catherine, Martin, Howard and William from Botton Village have been building connections with three nearby stations on the Esk Valley Line: Danby, Castleton Moor and Commondale. During lockdown, they created some artwork to display in the waiting rooms.

Their next task, as restrictions ease, is to visit Danby Station to give it a fresh coat of paint. Martin is looking forward to this. ‘I haven’t seen trains in a long time!’ he says.

Local links

The Esk Valley Line is a vital link for the rural communities between Middlesbrough and Whitby and has provided many great days out for people living at Botton Village. Everyone is looking forward to taking a trip again soon.

‘I like trains,’ says Howard. ‘It will be good when we can travel places again.’



We’ve adopted Danby train station!