Dementia support group gives John a boost

As part of our work to support adults with learning disabilities and mental health conditions, Botton Village has expanded its facilities to support local people with dementia and related conditions.

John had always been active and sociable and is now attending the dementia support group three days a week.

‘It’s about prompting memories and encouraging people to take part, and it also gives carers a valuable break. We have dementia-friendly film screenings, a walking group and our social farm,’ explains Dementia Project Co-ordinator Michele. ‘And we’ve created a ‘farmhouse kitchen’, a home from home where people take part in familiar activities like baking, washing or crafts.

Chris has been her husband John’s carer since his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease three years ago. For Chris, the benefits are clear: ‘When John hears the cheery ‘good mornings’ from Michele and the team at Botton, his face lights up. He feels useful doing jobs around the farm. And he’s in beautiful surroundings, with cheerful, positive people, doing things that boost his self-esteem.

Dementia support group gives John a boost