Enjoying an active life at Grange Village farm

Housemates Alex and Ady help out at Grange Village farm on Mondays and Fridays, in a Covid secure environment. They’ve got their hands full at the moment after one of the sows, Pistachio, gave birth to a litter of 11 healthy piglets!

Keeping busy every day

There’s always something useful to do at the farm. Regular tasks include mucking out the pigs and feeding them the late apples from the orchard. But there are unexpected jobs too.

‘Last Friday was a busy day because the piglets escaped and they were running round all over the place,’ says Ady. ‘It took about an hour to round them all up and get them back inside!’

Keeping a well-maintained farm is almost as important as looking after the pigs, hens and guinea pigs.

‘We’ve been clearing brambles and fixing the fencing,’ says Alex. This work will have a long-term benefit too. ‘We want to clear a space so we can get some goats. We’d really like to have goats and maybe a pony.’

Benefits in more ways than one

Alex and Ady had to take some time away from the farm during the first lockdown, so they’re delighted to be back in a safe, socially-distanced way. ‘We had to stop coming in the first lockdown and didn’t come back until June,’ says Ady. ‘It’s hard when you can’t come. I was a bit lonely. It’s good to be back!’

Enjoying an active life at Grange Village farm