Creative corner

Our newsletter is a chance for people we support to share their own creative contributions. This time we’re delighted to feature James from our Larchfield Community.

Experimenting with different materials

James is a talented artist who enjoys drawing characters with moods and emotions. He also likes to paint on different surfaces and textures, so when he came across a spare piece of MDF board he was keen to put it to good use. He’s created a picture inspired by the golden mask of Tutankhamen, with vibrant blue and gold colours.

‘James has seen TV programmes about Egypt and the Pharaohs,’ says support worker Debbie. ‘That gave him the idea.’

‘I love painting,’ says James. ‘I’m really pleased with this one.’

Art gives our wellbeing a boost

‘Creativity is more important than ever right now,’ says Craft Workshop Leader, Sarah. ‘With so many activities restricted during lockdown, many of us are bored and frustrated – and losing ourselves in a creative project can be relaxing and absorbing.’

Creative corner