Joanna is building skills in workshops

Joanna likes her shared house in St Albans. It’s an easy walk from home to both the Seeds of Nurture Allotment and the Café on the Corner, where she helps out regularly. Back home in the evening, cooking dinner for housemates is an opportunity to try new recipes with fresh vegetables and herbs from the allotment. And it’s good to have the company of good friends when you tackle the washing up or relax later in the open plan lounge.

‘I wouldn’t like living on my own. The best thing about my house is that I share it with my friends,’ says Joanna.

All our workshops are based on teamwork and sharing good ideas. Carly who manages the Seeds of Nurture allotment knows that everyone who attends has something unique to offer. Joanna’s an important member of the team.

‘Joanna’s been coming to the allotment a lot longer than I’ve been working here,’ says Carly. ‘She knows what’s been planted before and how things work.’

Joanna has a lot to offer, and with just the right amount of support and guidance, she can tackle most tasks around the allotment.

‘I grew up helping my mum and dad in the garden, so I know a lot about growing things. I wouldn’t know how to get started by myself though – so it’s good working with Carly,’ says Joanna.

Joanna is at risk of diabetes, so an active lifestyle and a healthy diet is vital for her long-term health. ‘I’ve got a sweet tooth so it’s a struggle sometimes,’ she says. But she’s keeping on track – thanks to regular exercise at the allotment, the running club she’s joined and the support workers who are on hand to help her with cooking healthy meals at home.

Joanna’s key worker Julia meets with her regularly. Key workers can help with all aspects of life, but Joanna especially appreciates having support in attending doctors’ appointments and understanding her health needs.

‘I’m lucky to have Julia. She helps me get organised. My life would be really tricky without her.’

Joanna is building skills in workshops