Keeping fit keeps boredom at bay

While our normal daily routines have been on hold, Tadgh and his housemates have been keeping busy at Michael House at Croft Community. 

‘Missing friends and family during lockdown has been difficult,’ says Tadgh frankly. ‘But we’re getting there.’

Fortunately, a run of good weather, Michael House’s large garden and a sports-loving support team have combined to give the housemates every opportunity to pass the time constructively.

Thinking creatively about exercise

‘We’ve been doing circuits in the garden, we’ve got a rugby ball and some frisbees, even some boules!’ says support worker Sam. ‘And one of the staff has loaned their Wii so we can even keep active indoors!’

‘It’s been really fun. I’ve loved jogging round the garden and working out with a weighted rope and a medicine ball,’ says Tadgh.

A real challenge

Tadgh has also rediscovered a love of cycling for the first time since he moved to Malton. With Sam’s support, he’s cycling every Thursday and exploring the local area. They’ve even cycled as far as Castle Howard, a 12 mile round trip. ‘It was a real challenge, cycling so far on a hot day,’ says Tadgh. ‘But I’m glad I did it. Exercising makes me feel so much better – and I’m losing weight too!





Keeping fit keeps boredom at bay