Maisie’s looking forward to seeing her friends again

A small number of our community members opted to go and stay with family during lockdown rather than risk not seeing them for a long time. Now, after almost a year of family life, Maisie is excited to be returning soon to her own flat in our St Albans Community.

‘At home I’ve been doing a lot of cooking with my Mum and Dad, but when I go back to my flat I’ll have to look after myself. I like cooking things like spaghetti bolognese and lasagne.’

New challenges ahead

Maisie is looking forward to taking on a new challenge too. ‘I’m going to college,’ she says. ‘I’m hoping to do a foundation degree.’

Like many of us, Maisie has found socialising harder during lockdown: ‘I’ve been keeping in touch with my friends from St Albans on WhatsApp and video calls. But I’m excited to be going back – it will be good to see everyone again,’ she says.

‘I miss the way life was before lockdown, like the big meetings we used to have at the St Albans Community Hall. I know we can only take small steps, but I’m looking forward to things opening back up.’


Maisie’s looking forward to seeing her friends again