Nature on our doorstep at Oaklands Park

Matthew and Jonathan have been making the most of their surroundings. Their home at Oaklands Park is on the edge of the ancient woodlands of the Forest of Dean.

‘It’s a really big forest with lots of great places to walk,’ says Jonathan. ‘And you can see deer and wild boar too!’

Jonathan has joined in regular group walks with other community members. ‘It’s better in a group, we motivate each other to go further,’ he explains.

A bicycle made for two

Matthew has found a different way of exploring the forest - on a tandem bicycle. ‘My Dad got me the bike. One of the staff came out to the Forest of Dean with me, it was really fun,’ he says. Matthew enjoys the group walks as well as cycling. ‘Being outdoors makes me feel better. I like seeing the animals and sitting next to the lake.’

Getting regular exercise and enjoying the woodlands on the doorstep have made a vital difference in recent months.

As Jonathan says: ‘Wellbeing is really important, especially this year. Being close to the Forest of Dean has helped a lot.’

Nature on our doorstep at Oaklands Park