Lockdown Blog: Jenny

Thursday 2nd April

I find the stay at home not so bad as I’m very happy and I am very tolerant of sitting for hours, a whole day in front of the TV and laptop. I don’t get so easily bored of watching stuff and very happy on my own doing whatever

I have been doing other things gardening tidying up house plants. redid 4 pots in the main patio, took out what was there and planted them in the ground in various places then planted pink flower and red flower fruiting strawberries. I did same sort of thing to 2 pots by Cathy’s flat these pots only have pink flower fruiting strawberries I refreshed the 4 strawberry hanging baskets as in took out the old strawberries tidied them up made the new lining out of used compost bag then added new compost then replanted the old strawberries back into the baskets.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago I took home from Taurus seedlings the flowers I planted in the ground of the home garden. The salad seedlings I first thought to put in troughs planters but decided they would go in the ground instead.

I made an extension to a bed by Cathy’s flat and plan to get alstroemeria a summer flowering plant and spring bulbs to plant there, this was just going to be an alstroemeria and spring flowers bed but decided that it’s not only going to be alstroemeria and spring flowers it will be salad as well. I have been working on creating these flowers and salad bed. When ready the Taurus salad seedlings in trays will go in this bed by Cathy’s flat.

I can still get things mail order delivered so not so bad since I do a lot of online shopping anyway and would get most of the garden stuff mail order is not affected. I need to get John Innes and multipurpose compost mix for the alstroemeria, spring flower bulbs and salad bed, I get delivered compost from Coin Ross so lucky my local garden centre nursery is still able to deliver compost.

I bought from E-bay 6 plug plant fuchsias and potted them up in pots for 2 hanging baskets, put 3 plants in each when they are bit bigger, I raise young plants on my kitchen table and window sill.

I’m just getting on with my garden plans I have for this year not doing anything out of the ordinary things I would do anyway regardless be it pandemic or no pandemic. Some things a bit different but not much the thing that bothers me most is my hair badly need a haircut. Sorry did not get myself to take pictures before March. I decided on what alstroemeria varietys now ordered they arrive Thursday 9th April in time for Easter weekend, would plant the alstroemeria first then the salad seedlings.

19th April 2020

Finding plenty to do in home garden during the stay at home thing. I’m mainly interested in and feel like doing gardening and watching TV and going to Tesco. Gardening can be good exercise keep fit thing. I set myself gardening projects and tasks as it gets more into summer there will be lots of weeding and general tidying up.

The new bed I create I will supply you with progress pictures; the prep stage, the planted up and flowering etc stage. In September /October I will buy more bulbs to bulk out some areas, to plant in the new bed, to plant in pots etc I’m big fan of white spring flowers. When the asters are flowering I will take pictures as they are a high favourite.

I did not start taking pictures of the home garden until March so I will be now more regularly taking pictures. You can tell I have a thing for white flowers and what areas i concentrated on more when it comes to bulbs. I had hoped the display would be and had been better I will make it better next year as in bulk up areas that are not so many bulbs mainly with daffodils, snowdrops and chionodoxa and muscari. during the time at home thing spending my time more in the garden I want to make it look so spectacular.

Its only April now there’s still more to come. spring is only the prelude to summer when summer’s really in full swing it be so full of stuff madly flowering and lots of weeds to keep me entertained.

I have a dream to go to keukenhof a dutch garden where there are millions of spring bulbs flowering but it would be very expensive holiday so if mohamid can’t go to mountain then the mountain go to mohamid meaning, I plant loads of bulbs to have a smaller scail version of it. Not quite got it for 2020 but hey I have pictures to plan for next year and I write down my plans and keep in my home garden folder. I have idears for next year that I have already writen down and as the year progresses so I will have more to write down. I’m so lucky to have a big garden and nice weather to potter about, general tidy up, doing this years various plans idears etc. I’m out in the garden most days to work in it sit and stair at plants and wildlife.

I’m so lucky to have a big garden and nice weather to potter about, general tidy up, doing this years various plans idears etc. I’m out in the garden most days to work in it sit and stair at plants and wildlife. I feel very content with just looking at plants and wildlife spend lots of time just doing that to just be there listen to birds and bees etc feel the wind and sun. What would I do if I had an acident and lost all my scences. Imagine a world without sound, without sight, without smell, without feeling sensations like the wind and warm hot bright sun to be without all of these things all at once like be so dark dull miserable etc so every time I’m in my home garden I thank it and think how lucky am I to have all my feelings and scences functioning normaly etc. I feel bad, sorry and pitty for those who cant go out and dont have a garden to go out to. I feel all humans should have plants in their life even if its just one or more house plants.

We all just find things to do and just get on with it take each day as it comes deal with the hear and now yes ok to hope the time will come when things are more normal and go out to do whatever, to work, to have holidays, to socialise more with friends and family etc but deal with that future time when it comes that boat has not sailed yet the boat is still tided up at the harbour.

Just the home garden on its own with all my 2020 idears and plans, taskes, projects, general maintenance, writing down idears for 2021 and taking pictures and sorting out the pictures will and does take up a lot of my time regardless of be it virus pandemic or no pandemic and  I have internet and netflix, youtube, amazon prime video plenty of whatchable entertainment and listen to music and radio on the tv and mobile phone i dont get bord. Im really not that badly affected by the cayos. I can still do a lot of what I normaly do things that i do any way most of the time. I’m fine. I whatch the news read things. I am upto date with whats going on and listen to podcasts etc

Lockdown Blog: Jenny