Lockdown Blog: Cathy

8th April 2020

Cathy volunteers at Taurus Crafts and in the pottery at Grange Village. Karen (Co-Production Lead) and Cathy have been communicating by email. Ordinarily, Cathy would be working in Taurus over the Easter weekend and it would be extremely busy. However, like everyone else, Cathy is now staying at home.

Cathy told Karen that she has taken up skipping twice a day as ‘I cannot do stonking walks like I used to.’ In addition to being great exercise, Cathy says skipping is ‘great fun’.  Cathy also enjoys reading, cooking and looking after her rather large collection of orchids.

Cathy is currently reading Black Swan Green by David Mitchell. It is Cathy says set in the year of the Falklands War and is about a 13-year-old boy who is having to deal with bullying, his parent’s divorce and girls. She described it as ‘captivating’. She also enjoyed reading Cloud Atlas by the same author.

Cathy told Karen that she has also been doing quite a bit of cooking and has made a variety of dishes including vegetable soup and sausage casserole and a tasty-sounding dish made with ‘5% fat mince and bulgar wheat.’

Cathy lives in a flat in the same house as Jenny who has also contributed to the ‘Lockdown Blogs’. Cathy kindly took some pictures of Jenny working in the ‘home garden’ to illustrate her blog, all at a safe distance of course.


Lockdown Blog: Cathy