Lockdown blog: Christina

The Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

This has certainly been a great big challenge and one which I feel no one has ever experienced before. Did we need something like this, perhaps to check us in our paths and to stop us from falling further into a pit of greed, temptation, jealousy, hated, spite and malice towards our worst enemies?

At this time of terrific uncertainty, all the normal everyday things we took for granted were stopped. All the shops and leisure centres and charity shops were closed. Businesses closed. The country is in complete lockdown and the fifth week of the lockdown begins.

It was a case of starting to appreciate the true realistic values of a quiet life at home, or in our flats, or in our shared houses.

We had taken the niceties of life for granted for so long, for so many years and so many months, as humans do when there has not been a serious crisis for a long time.

A little friendly acknowledgement when we do go out for our shopping or exercise or walk to even a stranger, remembering to stand 2 meters apart from a person in a supermarket and being polite and co-operative to the hard-working checkout team, all helps I’m sure to help make this country a better country again.

We have just got to co-operate with the Government’s measures, always be polite to the people we are in contact with on our phones, show a willing cheerful spirit and together, I’m sure we will get through the Coronavirus.

Lockdown blog: Christina