Lockdown Blog: Dean

7th April 2020

Being on lockdown makes me feel wound up, angry and stressed because I miss my friends, family and Fiancée.

I know we have to do the lockdown, to keep everybody safe and to stop germs from spreading, as we do not want to make people ill, but I still find it very hard to have to stay at home.

It is a big change for me, to have to stay in, feeling bored, and not visiting people. I don’t like it. I am coping OK. I do go for walks out around Larchfield, and I play on my Tablet, watch films, and text with my Fiancée.

I play games with the staff and chatting with Rebecca helps me a lot.

When this is all over, I am very much looking forward to seeing my family and fiancée again.

Lockdown Blog: Dean