Lockdown Blog: Lee

7th April 2020

COVID-19 means we have to wash our hands more regularly and look after ourselves. Most people are doing this, and it was just part of my normal routine before, anyway.

I feel a bit nervous and anxious about the lockdown, I am worried about my family, and not being able to see them. I do phone them regularly, so I know that they are ok.

We take things for granted, and now we can’t just go to the shops when we want to. I love shopping, so I miss doing that a lot.

It was hard at first, as it all just happened very quickly and unexpected, but I am getting used to it, and I am not doing too bad. The hardest thing for me is not being able to see my family, but Ruth helps me a lot, by chatting and helping me to cope.

I can’t wait to see my Mam and my Brother when this is all over.


Lockdown Blog: Lee