Lockdown Blog: Stephen

6th April 2020

I think the Prime Minister putting a lockdown in place was his only option. We have new rules we have to stick to, and people can only go out for food, medicine and to go to work. I think it is safe that we are all staying at home. I think it’s a brilliant idea that they have built a new field hospital to help.

The biggest change for me is not being able to go to my workshops or to football practice. I miss everyone. It is good that the Craft workshop staff are coming to my house, and we all work as a team doing different things.

I have had one very anxious day, but now I am coping. My Dad suggested not watching the news, as this was making me very anxious, so now, I watch game shows instead, and I am coping better. I don’t like not being able to see my family, but I keep in touch with my Dad every 2 days, by phone. I phone him one day, and he phones me the next time.

I also like the fact that my Fiancée Debbie lives in the same house as me, as I would be down in the dumps if I couldn’t see her as well.

Since being in lockdown, I have learned to finger knit, and I am making a scarf. I also have a new exercise routine, which I am enjoying. I am keeping a diary of activities, so this helps me to know what we are doing each day.

I am really looking forward to getting back to football training and going to visit my family for a week.


Lockdown Blog: Stephen