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Luke volunteers at the Park Run in Middlesbrough

Luke is helping out – and feeling the benefits too

Park Run is a popular community running event in towns and cities around the UK. Many of us will have spotted volunteer marshals in their ‘high vis’ jackets in our local park on a Saturday morning. Luke is a regular volunteer at Middlesbrough’s two weekend Park Run events. For over three months he has been […]

Alex gets his L plates!

As an experienced cyclist, Alex is good at planning routes and understanding the rules of the road. And now he’s ready to move up a gear. Driving can be challenging for people with disabilities. So Alex and his support workers enlisted the help of the Driving Assessment Team at local charity Herts Ability. ‘I had […]

Zara’s on patrol

Zara has been helping to keep the roads safe for pedestrians and drivers around Delrow Community. During a recent visit from Hertfordshire Constabulary, Zara and some of her friends talked to officers about the dangers of speeding cars, and had the opportunity to record the speeds of passing motorists on the nearby lanes. ‘We checked […]

Game, set and match to Emily

Emily’s love of tennis has opened up new opportunities. She’s travelled from her home at Oaklands Park to tournaments in Nottingham and Sheffield. ‘There hasn’t been many matches this year, because of Covid,’ she explains. ‘But I hope there will be more next year. ’Emily’s love of tennis began when she was 18: ‘I used […]

Greener communities start in our own homes

When Katie, Mark and Michael started to think about helping the environment, they made an important discovery in their own kitchen. ‘We didn’t have any recycling bins indoors,’ explains Katie. ‘We’ve just got the big recycling bins outside.’ Without an indoor bin to remind people, recycling was being overlooked. So the trio have done something […]

Meet the makers – our talented Christmas card designers

Did you know that our charity Christmas cards are all designed by community members? Earlier this year, we held a competition across the Trust for people we support, colleagues and family members to help us design our charity Christmas cards. We were blown away by the response, with over 60 entries. Sadly, we couldn’t put […]

Time for reflection

The lockdowns and restrictions of the past two years have been difficult for many of us, preventing us from seeing loved ones and causing stress and anxiety. Looking after our own mental health and supporting one another has never been so important. And that’s exactly what people we support in Stourbridge have been doing. A […]

Claire’s creative corner

In the spotlight this time, we’re delighted to feature Claire. She has created some unique lino-print designs – some of which she’s been working on for months. ‘I did this drawing of my mum’s budgie before lockdown,’ says Claire. ‘Then I put it on the lino block during lockdown, and finished it when we came […]

What did you say?

I am a service user. You are a person. I can be non-compliant, whereas you can change your mind. Language is vital in creating a positive culture and our community members have come together to highlight why language matters. Unfortunately, examples like these in our film reinforce the ‘othering’ of people with learning disabilities. The knock-on […]

Mel's visual diaries throughout lockdown

Studio Shorts – Mel’s Visual Diaries

In the first of our new series of ‘Studio Shorts’, Mel who attends the Art Studio at St Albans Community shares her visual diaries. Each of her visual diaries takes over two hours to complete and she’s been creating one each day since the beginning of the first lockdown. They highlight and record the places […]

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