Greener communities start in our own homes

Greener communities start in our own homes

Recycling matters

When Katie, Mark and Michael started to think about helping the environment, they made an important discovery in their own kitchen.

‘We didn’t have any recycling bins indoors,’ explains Katie. ‘We’ve just got the big recycling bins outside.’

Without an indoor bin to remind people, recycling was being overlooked. So the trio have done something about it.

‘We wrote a letter to Stuart, the manager, to tell him we need a recycling bin in the kitchen,’ says Mark.

Together with their friends at Croft Community, Mark, Katie and Michael have formed the Greener Communities group. They are exploring different ways to make their community more sustainable and have created some posters to share their findings.

‘I have loved making the posters to encourage people to do more recycling,’ says Michael. ‘And finding out how solar panels could help us save a lot of money.

Mark would like to help other Trust communities to ‘go green’ too.

‘We went to Botton Village and did a presentation about Greener Communities,’ he says. ‘I’d like to share it with all the other communities too.

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