Catherine is our Christmas card star!

Catherine is our Christmas card star!

Christmas Card Arts and Crafts

Designing, printing and preparing our charity Christmas cards gets underway at Botton Village in the height of summer. Catherine is involved in every step of the process.

‘We do the Christmas cards in Suzi’s art class,’ says Catherine. ‘I did a card with baubles and greenery and candles and bells.’

A team effort

When the painting is completed, our favourite designs are turned into Christmas cards and printed at the Botton Village printing press. Catherine helps behind the scenes here too, so that the cards are ready to send when the orders come in.

‘I’ve been helping John at the printing press since 2016,’ says Catherine. ‘I put the cards and envelopes in wrappers, then I seal them up and then I stick labels on them. We put 10 in each – nine in front and one behind.’

‘I enjoy packing the cards. I find it relaxing. And it’s interesting too, helping John and seeing what he’s doing, pressing them and printing them.’

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Catherine and John are standing by for the first orders so don’t delay, order yours today!



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