Delrow Festover is better than ever

Delrow Festover is better than ever

Delrow Festover

In July, members of our Delrow and St Albans Communities came together for our third annual music festival.

Kat, Day Opportunities Manager, says: ‘We had the fabulous sounds of the Delrow Choir and band, Ollie from St Albans Community, and many local bands too.’

Regular newsletter readers will remember that the first Festover was held in 2019, at the request of Delrow Community members who had highlighted how music festivals and even camping could be inaccessible for people with disabilities.

The Festover involved music and dancing into the night, and just before midnight everyone settled down around the campfire, before the final night owls wandered back to their tents at about 3am.

A night under the stars guarantees a hearty appetite. So from 7am next morning, the first early risers were heading to the café for bacon and egg sandwiches, before packing away the tents and stage for another year. Community member Gemma says: ‘It was absolutely brilliant, one of the best nights ever!’

Check out our festival video!

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