Girl Power in Hertfordshire!

Girl Power in Hertfordshire!

Women’s Group in St Albans

Ladies who live at St Albans and Delrow communities are joining forces in a new women’s group. The two communities, which are only a few miles apart, are taking it in turn to host the women’s group which meets one evening per month.

“We had about five or six ladies from each community at the last one,” says Nicky who made the trip from St Albans to Delrow. “It was great fun, we had a pampering session with massages and manicures. One of the staff did my hair in plaits for me.”

Pampering is great for wellbeing, but the new group will have a serious side too. “It’s a space to talk privately about women’s health issues and relationships,” explains Co-production Lead Christelle.

A men’s group will soon be up and running too. Nicky thinks the new groups are a great idea. “Men and women have different needs and interests,” she says. “So it’s great that we have our own groups!”

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