Co-production: Bringing communities together

Co-production: Bringing communities together

Sports Day with Co-production

On Wednesday 23rd of August, Gloucestershire communities came together for a Sports Day organised by their very own co-production team.

Over 50 people we support from Grange Village, Oaklands Park and Taurus Crafts attended, including Day Ops attendees and parents.

Taking place on the green at Oaklands Park, the sports day started off with a BBQ cooked by Tammie from The Crow’s Nest Kitchen, with the support of colleagues James and Martin.

BBQ at Oaklands Park

After food was finished, the games and various sports day activities began, with everyone been enabled to take part, socialise and enjoy the afternoon.

After three hours of fun, everyone who took part in the games was awarded a medal of attendance, which were created by the Pottery at Grange Village and presented by General Manager Frank Markham.

Frank Markman said, ‘The weather held out for us all afternoon and contributed to a wonderful social event.’

‘The overall event was organised by Janet Hawkins our Co production Lead, well done Janet and thank you to all the staff that supported the fantastic event and most of all for all the people we support that enthusiastically participated.’

Sports Day

After the event everyone gathered outside the Lighthouse at Oaklands Park to enjoy a cool drink, Ice Pop and fruit. Speaking to people we support John, Jess, Johnathan and Jill they said:

‘It was very good, I thought the medals were great!’

‘It was really enjoyable’

‘A delightful day’

Grange Village

Janet Halkin, Co-production Lead said ‘This was a really enjoyable afternoon, great to see everyone having fun together. The event was a great success due to the amazing team that we have in Gloucestershire. Well done everyone!’

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